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True Confessions! Man, why am I doing a True Confessions instead of a Toot Your Horn Tuesday? Let me tell you why. I have done little or nothing to be proud of these last few weeks.

My August sucked! I told you that last month in a True Confessions post. I had big plans for September. Well, it is September 10 and things still aren’t in the swing I was hoping for. Who ever took my motivation and time management skills, could you please give them back?

I went to four classes last week. I know that sounds good, but that is two classes a night on two nights. Not really that good. This week I had planned for three nights of six classes and I already missed last night. I don’t know if I have a cold or allergies or what, but I am miserable. I can’t breathe and my eyes look like I have been crying all day. I am literally blowing my nose every five minutes. I know you were dying to know that! Exercise and not being able to breathe don’t mix well, especially for a yoga class. Downward dog would be downward dead. I went and got medicine and I’m hoping to make class today and Wednesday.

Now, I am looking forward to next week. I don’t think I have anything extra. I have to be better by then. The new plan is for four days of classes which would amount to eight classes. I can live with that.

So…how about you? Did you have a rotten week too? Well, sit right down and tell us all about it. Leave your True Confessions right in the comments. I would like to think I am not the only one having a little trouble getting back in the swing of things after going back to work. Why is it always so hard to get back to normal when I am done with summer break? After 21 years of teaching, I should have this down pat by now.

Next week I will get it right! Thank goodness there is a next week to help us out.

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