Where is the magic for you?


Where is the magic for you?

I read this article by Runner’s World.

It really got me thinking.

We runners are quite the supportive bunch.  When someone is down on their running self for whatever reason, we rally and lift that person- we praise, we encourage, we support, we say *been there, done that*.  We tell others the things we sometimes forget to tell ourselves.  WE give a gentle nudge/push/shove as needed.

This isn’t just meant for runners-  I am talking to ALL YA’LL here in the Shrinking Jeans community.  We are the best at being that friend that tells you what you need to hear to get the job done.

But then, we get out there to do our run, a class, lift weights and whatnot and we are by ourselves and maybe it didn’t go as we planned.  We compare ourselves to others who are faster, stronger and skinnier.  OH YES WE DO.  We look in the big gym mirrors and instead of seeing the beauty that we are, we focus on the flaws, we only see what we can’t do instead of what we can.

I am *guilty as charged*.  I have been around this ‘hood for a while and I still fall into this terrible trap from time to time….usually after a bad run.  I beat myself up with all kinds of negative non-sense that just isn’t true- You aren’t a REAL runner, you don’t run fast enough, you sweat too much, YOU ARE FREAKING SLOW, who are you to call yourself a runner, hang up the shoes girlie and go to something easier for you like swimming, it’s never going to get easier and on and on.

Even now, the negative self-talk happens from time to time (although less and less often- it has to be a REALLY bad run for that to happen now!).  I would never ever ever say any of those things to another runner- I make it my mission to support, motivate, encourage other runners.  I do not tolerate that kind of talk from my runner friends- oh heck no- positive, positive, and more positive.

So if I would never say those things to others, why would I say them to myself?

The magic for me in running is not in the tangible, measurable numbers.  Don’t get me wrong, I get super-excited when I bust out a mile under 11 minutes (seriously, yo!).  The magic for me in running happens with things you can’t measure- my passion for the run, the sweat, the FEELING I get when I move my legs faster than a walk.  The magic happens when I have precious time to process and think about all the things I need to process and think about with my busy busy life with a family of five.  The magic happens in my spirit, when I am able to release whatever stress ails me.

The magic especially happens when I get to support, motivate, and encourage other runners.

I love it with my heart and soul.  It is one big reason (of many) that keep my feet in forward motion.

Where is the magic for you?

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