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It’s hard to believe, but we started the latest virtual Couch to 5k training program almost 7 weeks ago!  I’ve been a resource on Facebook to a group of runners going through this program and I thought it would be fun to get their perspective on how they felt it was going.

I asked how far they were in the program (keeping in mind, not everyone started at the same time), if they had registered for a race, what the biggest challenges have been and to let us know their greatest successes.  Here are a few of the amazing ladies who responded.

Lexi J: “I’m starting week 8. Registered for the Walk to Action (20 mile walk). My biggest challenge has been talking myself out of talking myself out of working out! And this group has been infinitely more motivating than I thought it would be!”  – Lexi has been one of the biggest motivators in the group!  So glad to have you along and I can’t wait to hear about that 20 mile walk.

Alana R: “I am at wk6. I have found this challenge to be exhilarating! I have my schedule and I abide to it as best as possible. It is much easier for me to run on certain days and if I miss….omg so upset. I follow the plan and don’t try to do anymore than it says- and I have found that helpful for the following runs,sort of makes it easier to do. I have a 5K planned for Dec.”  Alana has learned one of the most important things – be consistent!  She’s going to do great on her December 5k.

Lois R: “I’m on w7d1 the challenge has been knee pain and soreness, the group has been the best motivation, seeing everyone work thru the ups and downs keeps me going too! I have not reg for a race yet, but will soon.” I’m impressed with Lois’s ability to push past the aches and pains to keep going.  Now, get out there and register for something!

Paula J: “W7D2 The challenge is my mind. I really didn’t think I could do this and now I know I can. I have registered for a 5k on Oct. 26th. I am going to try my darnest to run the whole thing.” Paula has really been plugging away and she’s going to do great on the 26th.

Kristin R:  “I was out of shape, 20lbs overweight and always tired. I have always wanted to be a runner but never thought I could. I start Week 8, Day 1 tomorrow. I have a tremendous support system from other women (runners) at my church that inspire, encourage and never let me quit! I am 42, have 3 grown daughters as well as a 17 month old son. We also do foster care and so I need to be able to keep up with all these babies! It is still SO hard, and I need to work on my breathing, but I’m doing it-I have finished every run, every time. I am proud of myself for not quitting and I hope to be an inspiration to others who don’t think they can do it. Because if I can, anyone can!”  I’m so proud of Kristin and her positive attitude.  She’s proof that a great support system and the willingness to make a busy schedule work are what help make you successful.

Anne T: “I’ve finished my eight weeks and my first 5K is on this coming Sunday and I’ve registered for two more before the end of the year. The real win for me in completing this challenge was defeating the voice in my head that said, “you can’t do that.” Every day it would say, “oh, this is too hard. You can’t do this.” But I did it anyway. Every run I surprised myself by getting it done. Now I’m not surprised anymore. After I get these three races under my belt, I’m on to the 10K challenge. Finishing this challenge has changed a lot more than my fitness level or weight, it’s given me a new perspective on what I’m capable of.”  I can’t wait to hear how Anne does on her first 5k.  Go Anne!

Kimberly H-D: “I am starting WK 6 and signed up for the Ghostly Gallop  I have never jogged in my life. I have numerous health issues and I never thought I could ever do this. I go at my own pace. The program is incredible, it really works! The motivation of others is a tremendous support to me–reading what everyone else is doing and going through helps so much. Thank you for starting this program! I really think I will reach my goal! ” I don’t just think Kimberly will reach her goal – I KNOW she will!

Thank you to these ladies for their help with this post and another thank you to all of the men and women who have been posting on our c25k Facebook page.  The response has been nothing short of inspiring.

Be on the lookout for a request for race reports from those of you participating in our Ghostly Gallop 5k/10k (or any race that’s you’ve completed thanks to this program)!

Have you had success with Couch to 5k?  Any requests for a Couch to 10k group once you’ve reached this first goal?

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