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We’ve all had setbacks – whether it’s with your exercise routine or weight loss endeavor, they creep up at the most unexpected times, and frankly, seem to create their own setback mafia and vehemently gang up on you all at once.

The setbacks can come in the form of taking on a new venture, dealing with a natural disaster, or having to rearrange your schedule for whatever reason.

In the past weeks, I have had to deal with all of these.

Last month, I wrote a post about my story, including my training for a half marathon. That half was supposed to happen September 22, but Colorado fell under Mother Nature’s thumb and endured torrential rain and devastating flood waters. Thankfully, my house was fine as I happened to live in an area that sustained little damage. The half I was supposed to run, however, was in a canyon with roads that washed away and buckled with the water flow.

It has been rescheduled, but on a weekend that has one of the greatest events Colorado offers – people flock from all over the country just to attend it. And I happen to have magically acquired tickets. It’s the Great American Beer Festival….and based simply on that, I do not foresee myself running the half, unfortunately.

Additionally, I ended up landing a reporting internship with a business publication. This is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. It just happens to interfere with my coveted gym classes, to which I have no alternate time for attendance. The internship is unpaid, but a fabulous opportunity. You know what that means: I’m also working my serving  job, so I can actually pay for stuff – groceries, rent, etc. I also recently accumulated the position of handling the restaurant’s social media as well.

(I will go ahead and insert right here that I have ZERO clue how you full-time working parents get anything accomplished. I am beyond impressed.)

Like I said, these are mostly good things (minus the flood), but DANG are they cramping my workout lifestyle.

I battle with myself in the morning: 30 more minutes of sleep or a quick run?

I tell myself I will run after my internship, which is a promise I’m fairly good at keeping if I don’t pick up a serving shift that night.

And don’t even get me started about my eating habits and stress. *sigh*

But, like I said, I’m sure we’ve all been ‘here’ at some point or another. It’s just figuring out how to rearrange the days and prioritize…which I clearly need some more practice with.

That is my goal this next week – I am taking it upon myself adjust my schedule and priorities to work out more and eat better. Because frankly, I just haven’t been.

Now that you have read all about my setbacks, I’d love to hear about your life:

  • Pick me up with something positive
  • Relate to me with your own setbacks
  • Tell me what’s on your mind

That’s what this Sisterhood is all about.

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