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November is a time to reflect on giving thanks and counting our blessings. I realize most of us will do this “formally” on Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks, but I want to take a few minutes and do it now, too!

  • First and for most, I am thankful to God for my health. I may have some aches and pains that I wish weren’t there but I am, for the most part, healthy. I don’t have any major health issues and as I continue to lose weight I continue getting healthier. I am healthy enough to train for more than 6 months, for a 60 mile, 3 day walk that I will be doing this weekend. That is huge, because this time last year I wasn’t healthy enough to walk the whole 60 miles!
  •  I am thankful for the wonderful family and friends in my life!! Without my family and friends I would not be where I am today. To me, there is little in life more important than family and friends to support you, pick you up when you are down or help you be all that you can be!
  •  I am thankful for the freedom that I have. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day here in America and I was reminded once again for the freedom that these men and women have made sure I have. My oldest son is a Marine and I don’t take this freedom for granted any longer. They are paid little, sacrifice much and do it all because they have a love for this country and for the freedoms we hold dearly.
  • I am thankful for the internet!! I know that sounds silly to most people but without the internet things would be so different in this world!! At our fingertips we can have the answer to most any question we have. We have access to so much just by turning on our computer, pulling up the internet browser and typing a few words! It really is an amazingly, awesome thing!
  • And finally….I am thankful for the wonderful community of friends that I have met through this website! I found the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans back in 2008 (in the very beginning days) and I was really struggling mentally and physically. I was obese and depressed! I needed people to chat with that weren’t there to judge. I needed someone to care….and that’s exactly what I got (and so much more). Without the ladies (and over the years a few men) here at the ‘hood I would not be where I am today! I am blessed to have these ladies to call my friends!  A special thank you to Melissa and Christy for their continual support and love. Without them, I don’t want to even think about where I would be physically!

What are you full of thanks for, right now? I would love to hear from you!!

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