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If you’ve read some of my previous posts here at Shrinking Jeans or on my personal blog, you know I’m big on runner safety.  When I was given the opportunity to review a pair of Knuckle Lights for our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide post, I jumped at the chance.  Here in the midwest, the majority of my runs are either in the morning or after work so dealing with darkness is something that I just have to accept.

I’ve used a headlamp but it’s uncomfortable and the dent it leaves in my forehead is really attractive – NOT.  I’ve taken to wearing the headlamp around my waist, which works but isn’t ideal and it sometimes spins around while I’m running.

Enter Knuckle Lights! According to their website, Knuckle Lights are the “first and only light designed to be worn on your hands, in the perfect position to light your path and be seen on your next run or walk in the dark.”

They aren’t kidding.  The lights are comfortable and bright.  Each light has 3 settings – high, low and flashing.  When I ran at 6am, I used the highest setting.  The wide beam illuminated enough of the sidewalk and the swinging of my arms didn’t disrupt the light.  My hands are pretty small and the lights fit well.  Someone with larger hands or wearing mittens might have more trouble, but for me they worked great.  My hands got a little sweaty but the lights didn’t slip or anything like that.

Knuckle lights are definitely a good alternative for runners or walkers who don’t like to carry a flashlight or wear a headlamp.  They retail for around $40 for the pair.

I was provided with a set of Knuckle Lights for review but the opinons expressed here are all my own.

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