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Most of y’all know that I am a Susan G. Komen 3-Day walker. Some of y’all know that I just finished walking my third Komen 3-Day 60 mile yes, 60 miles is a LOT of miles walk in beautiful San Diego, California. Today I wanted to talk a bit about my adventures this past weekend while I walked 60 miles in San Diego and show you more pictures than you will probably ever want to see! to help put breast cancer to an end! But first and foremost I want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout this journey. Without the support that I have received from everyone here I would not have been healthy enough to do this trip. Without your encouragement I would not have been able to push through the challenges I had over the past year. Without you I would not have had the confidence that it took to walk this past weekend!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Y’all make me challenge myself in ways I never dreamed possible!! 4 years ago I would never have dreamed this past weekend would have been possible. Last year it would not have been possible!!

Before I talk about the walk itself, or show you some of the hundreds of pictures taken this weekend let me show you the reasons why I walk….

I’m walking for all of these women! Both in honor of them and in memory of them!

My team mate, Yvette and a survivor!! I’m blessed to know her and to walk with and for her!

A survivor posted this sign in her yard, to thank us! Very emotional! Thank you, Ingrid!

Walking in San Diego was something that I wanted to do but didn’t think it would be possible. I knew from when I was there 2 years ago for my son’s Marine Corp boot camp graduation that it was VERY hilly. I had heard from others that had done it before that it was a huge challenge. I knew that I had to prepare both mentally and physically to push myself beyond what I thought I could handle, or I would never be able to accomplish this challenge. I started preparing even before I ever dreamed of walking San Diego by losing weight. It truly made my journey so much easier this past weekend!

My adventures this weekend began back here in Dallas when my three friends told me that they were walking in San Diego several months ago. I was so excited for them but so upset also because they were my walking buddies. They were going to do something that I could only imagine doing at the time! A month or so later they asked me to join them in San Diego. They presented the opportunity in such a way that I was able to go, too! I can’t express how excited I was to get to go to San Diego!! It was a weekend I will never forget and I owe them so much for including me in this weekend!

My adventures of the weekend started Thursday afternoon and ended Monday afternoon!! It was a wonderful weekend full of laughter, A LOT OF WALKING, beautiful scenery and even a romp on the beach (but not the ocean BRRR…) after sunset!! I was also a part of raising over $6 million to help fight breast cancer, which is what it’s all about!! Enjoy the journey as I share some of it with you….

                                                                      Beautiful sunrise to start our 3 days of walking!

Day 1 – Being photo-bombed by Yvette! Oh how I love this lady!!

Day 1 took us along the coast with many opportunities to take beach pictures!

Walking Torrey Pines National Park, goes from sea level to 458 in a little more than 1 1/2 miles!

At the top of one of our toughest hills…looking down to the ocean with supporters cheering us on!

One of our supporters decorated his car for us!! So true!

                                             The day wouldn’t be complete without some time to play on the playground! Suck it up, Buttercup! This was the mantra for Day 2 and those 40 miles! 

At the top of the last really big hill of the weekend!

Time for a Photo Op! It’s Day 3 and it’s time to bring it on in!  One of my favorite pictures…although it was really only mile 57 or so! 🙂 Day 3 -Closing ceremonies are so emotional!  Sunday night on the beach…barefoot and soaking in the sand! Loving the beach! Loving the freedom! Loving the feel of accomplishment! Loving the beauty all around that God has created!

If you would like to challenge yourself beyond your wildest dreams join me next year in San Diego where I plan to push myself again with some other team mates! You can find out more by going to the website, www.the3day.org or feel free to ask me more in the comments! Let’s kick breast cancer in the butt!!



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