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While we here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans are all about posting on the topics of health, fitness and wellness, we want to take time today to honor all of those who serve in our Armed Forces. For many of us, today is a day off of work, a chance to sleep in, veg out, catch up on a soap or two. For the men and women who protect our freedoms, it’s another day on the job.  For the spouse of a deployed soldier, it’s another day with an empty seat at the dinner table and a sketchy Skype connection.

I have family members who have served, but their duty to our nation took place long before I was born. I can’t begin to imagine the huge sacrifice our military, and our military families, make on a daily basis. They deserve our gratitude. Not just today, but ever day.  With the holidays fast approaching,  will you join me in finding time to add some act of kindness to our veterans as a new tradition for your family? Or how about getting your neighborhood, church or workplace involved? There are numerous organizations out there doing good works for our veterans. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check to see if your nearest airport participates in a program to welcome home returning troops. Where I live, we have Operation Welcome Home Maryland. I would think any area with a large airport would have a similar program. Often these soldiers are just stopping by on a layover and have no friends or family in the airport to greet them. I am lucky to live not too far from our airport and had a chance to welcome home some troops from Afghanistan. It was an incredible experience.
  • Run for a Veteran. Full Medal Runs is hosting a virtual run with proceeds benefiting the Intrepid Fallen Hero’s Fund. You pick your distance – 5k, 10, or half marathon – and run your race by Nov. 30. Medals will be mailed out. You get the benefit of helping someone while you are moving and up off the couch. Win-win! Register here.
  • Speaking of runs, the Wounded Warrior Project also hosts a series of 8k runs to benefit wounded veterans. It looks like this year’s dates may be full, (unless you live in Franklin, Tenn., in which case you can lace up this weekend!). But this is something you can keep an eye on for next year. Or you can donate to the Wounded Warrior Project through a host of other programs aimed at helping these warriors live active, healthy lives.
  • Adopt a U.S.Soldier. This non-profit connects supportive civilians with deployed troops through letter writing and care packages.
  • Guardian Angel for Soldier’s Pet. A soldier has so many things to worry about. What will happen to his or her pet during a deployment should not be one of them. This organization offers programs to ensure pets are reunited with their owners after a deployment or rehab, and assists in training dogs to become service dogs for soldiers with PTSD. They are always in need of families who can foster a pet while the soldier is deployed or recovering from injury.
  • For more creative ways you can help veterans, see this story from CNN and this article from Parade magazine.

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