Toot Your Horn Tuesday! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s been over a month since we tooted our horns- I think we are overdue, don’t you?  Personally, I know it’s much easier to confess the *bad* but sometimes, we to shout the good, you know what I mean?  Also, I have some very good stuff to toot!

1.  Since August 5th, I have lost 22 lbs.  Yes, 22 lbs.  I can hardly believe it.  I started off with the 28 Day Reset, led by our very own Jodi, and then continued after that on my own.  I lost 13 lbs those first 28 days and have since lost another 9 lbs, totaling 22 lbs.  My husband, who also jumped on board this healthy living kick with me, has lost 30 lbs.  If you have ANY questions regarding this program, then please feel free to ask me.

2.  Since the weight loss, I have gone from a Size 14 to a Size 10.

3.  I am a runner and my typical pace is a 11-12 minute mile.  However, the other day I decided to give it my all and run as I could for one mile.  I clocked that mile at 9:23. Yes, me, little ole me, ran a mile that fell in the 9’s.  Apparently, I have it in me to do this and it felt awesome.

What about you?  It’s time to toot your own horn and tell me the GOOD and only the good that has been happening lately.

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