Weight Loss Challenge Check-In Week One: Whittle Away for Water


We’ve finished our first week in the Whittle Away for Water Weight Loss Challenge! How are you doing? Are you making positive changes in your life? What’s working for you and what isn’t? We are nipping that holiday gain in the bud. You will be starting the new year off with a head start on everyone else and their resolutions!

You know the drill… drop ‘em and hit the scale. Remember that number, as it will be GONE next week!

Not only will this weight loss challenge benefit your waistline, it will also benefit communities across the world who are in desperate need of clean water – through a little 10-year-old boy’s Clean Water for Christmas charity: water campaign. I have a special love for this boy, not only because he is extremely smart and cute {and mine!}, but because this is his fourth year giving up gifts to raise money for water sources for these people. All in all, he has raised over $13,000! Holy wow! This year, his goal is $10,000, so we are doing our best to help his cause.

View Bridger’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign!


You still have time to enter for a Fitbit Force! Any challengers registered through our Dietbet page by tonight will be eligible to win this awesome prize! As of this minute, you have a great chance of winning!

The Force tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout the day in real-time on your wrist. At night, track your sleep and wake up silently with a vibrating alarm. Pretty awesome, huh? Sign up for our Whittle Away for Water weight loss challenge through DietBet and this could be yours! (value $130) Prize will be awarded to one random challenger at the end of the day on 11/20. Good luck! Image source: fitbit.com

This Week’s Challenge

This week, I want you to focus on getting at least 20-30 minutes of exercise each day. Whether that be going to the gym, or a quick walk on your lunch break, get it done, m’kay? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives and completely forget about fitting in exercise, but it’s so important and essential for weight loss, too!


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