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Are you like me and asking yourself how it could be December already? I know my mom used to tell me the months and years go by faster as you get older and I never really understood what she meant by that, but now I totally understand!! This year has flown by with such speed I can barely understand how it could be December!! BUT…the calendar doesn’t lie and the date on the calendar says, December 1st!! December happens to be one of my favorite months of the year but wow!! how is it already here?

I have made huge strides this year and have come a long way but I still have a ways to go. I plan to make the most of this month in several different ways so I thought I would share them with you. I know we are all super busy during December but we need take a little time for ourselves daily and we need to take a little time to help make someone else’s life a little less hectic.  Think how nice you will feel at the end of the month if you take 30 minutes a day for you and exercise! Or think how great you will feel if you take a few minutes and do something nice for someone else! I am going to start tracking my food again on MyFitnessPal and get my food and exercise back on track. The first things I am dropping are soda and gluten since the past couple of weeks I have indulged in both way too much!! I’m also going to spend some time at the gym. I have one month to meet my 2013 goals and I have a bit more to go than I wish were the case. I’m going to give it my best shot, though!

I saw a post earlier this week on Facebook talking about a great way to share a little kindness to others, and realized that I want to do something to bring some kindness to others this month, too! I thought maybe y’all could use some ways to reach out to others, too!


Print it off and check them off as you or someone in your family does one of these and see how many you can cross off by the end of December!

Melissa also posted our monthly fitness calendar so you have a short workout to do right here at your fingertips! Burpees are not my favorites but I’m going to see what I can accomplish this month! I mean, we are supposed to challenge ourselves, right?

Mary also posted a great way to help ensure we SEE our progress this month! What a wonderful way to SEE what we are doing!!

How do you plan to spend the last month of 2013? Whatever you do I hope you make it the most and finish this year stronger and healthier than you started it! Let’s do this!!



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