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We are at the time of the year when everyone is taking pictures all the time. If you are anything like me, you are the one taking the pictures. Rarely, if ever, am I the one in front of the camera. Actually, I should say “was I”.

I had every excuse known to man for why I couldn’t be in the pictures. Who would take the pictures, if I didn’t? My hair wasn’t fixed. I didn’t have on make up. I look to fat, wait till I lose some more weight. Excuse after excuse after excuse. The sad thing is, I thought that was just fine.

A year or so ago, a friend asked me what I wanted to leave my family? I didn’t quite get what she was asking. She said she wondered if I wanted to be the blank spot in the picture where I should have been. Did I want to be the voice, the narrator so to speak in the family videos? She said Get In The Picture! Needless to say, she got me thinking.

So you know what….I got in the pictures and I didn’t die! My family was amazed that I was voluntarily getting in pictures. I have taken some pretty darn good pictures too. Maybe when you aren’t afraid that you will look fat or not perfectly made up, you see the real you. The happiness and love you feel for your family and the situation show through. At least that is my guess. The picture above was on vacation last summer. I was in the water, sweaty, no make up, but I was having a blast with the family on the boat and I think it shows. I wasn’t afraid of how I was going to look. I just went with it.

I really hadn’t thought about this much again until the other day when I saw a piece from the Huffington Post posted on someone Facebook page. It was called So You’re Feeling Too Fat to Be Photographed…and you should read it. It’s a really good post and makes some really valid points. It will make you think twice about not getting in the pictures.

Here’s my challenge to you for the holiday season. Get In The Picture! Let your family have that memory years down the road. Let the generations to come see who you are. Don’t just let them hear only stories about you. I know the first few might be a little hard, but I promise that the more you do it, the easier it will be. Just do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

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