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I have to admit that I just throw my gym stuff in any ole gym bag I can find and then I GO.  There is no thought to the bag I use except *will it hold everything I want it to hold*.  The old bag I am currently using is beat up, bulky and certainly NOT stylish.  I am fairly certain it was a freebie I received somewhere for something.

Enter FitMark and their Dashing Tote.

It’s stylish and oh so pretty.

It holds a lot of stuff. Currently, I have mine packed with a change of clothes (and Winter clothes take up more space!), shoes, shower toiletries, make-up, a blow dryer and have plenty of room to spare.

There are multiple pockets and zippered pouches.  One zippered area is perfect for clothes.  Another zippered area is perfect for shower stuff, and……

There are additional pockets to hold your wallet, phone, iPod, water bottle, keys, and more.  This bag even comes with an additional bag to carry home your dirty clothes (or muddy running shoes!).  Place the dirty clothes inside the smaller bag and then throw it into your tote, without worrying about dirtying or smelling up your tote.  AWESOME.

Seriously, this bag is absolutely beautiful and has so many features.  I didn’t even know that bags like this existed for the athlete.  It would make a great weekender bag as well, or a great tote for bringing your things to the office- it is that stylish.

The FitMark Dashing Tote will be featured in our Holiday Gift Guide for the Runner, to be posted tomorrow- be on the lookout for it, plus a GIVEAWAY.

Would you like to own one of these wonderful bags for yourself- pink or black?!

*Disclaimer – FitMark provided the Dashing Tote to me free of charge for review purposes.  As always, the opinions are all my own*.

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