Toot Your Horn Tuesday | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


After posts about my injury and what I can’t do, I am so excited to declare this Toot Your Horn Tuesday because I have something to be happy about.

I am still about a week away from getting my inserts for my shoes, but things are finally beginning to get a little better with my foot. The ice and wrap have helped and I can do some things I couldn’t before. Get ready to hear that horn because here comes the good news.

1. I finished the plank workout from last month. I had to modify and do the planks on my knees because I couldn’t support the weight on my bad foot, but I did them. 2. I went back to cardio class last week. My awesome instructor made sure that we were doing things that wouldn’t bother my foot.

3. This week, I am going to try yoga and see how it goes. I’m hoping for good things.