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Hello, friends. Here we are with the end of January just around the corner. It’s around this time into the new year that some of us may begin to get discouraged, burned out, pissed off and just frankly feel like packing it in on this journey we put ourselves on to become healthy and fit.

All those thoughts mentioned above? Yeah, they rent space in my head on a regular, sometimes daily, basis. But then I think of someone like my friend and fellow contributing writer, Lisa, who just this past weekend finished her 7th half marathon, and ran it in honor of Meg Menzies, a young mother who was killed last week during a routine morning run. Meg also motivated me to get in some #megsmiles. I had not been for a run in a few months.

My husband, little does he realize, also has been motivating me lately. He walks at lunch time most days of the week now. He hears me talking about trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and it helped him get out the door himself, which in turn gives me a boost to get up off the couch and get moving.

My point is, look around you and you will find motivation. If you are feeling a drop in your mojo because we are in the fourth week of January, browse through some posts here on the site. Stop by our Facebook group and read some inspiring posts. Let us know what your struggling with. The Sisterhood is a community that helps each other to succeed!

For automatic motivation, join a local 5k that is raising money for a good cause. Or maybe you can be the one to invite a friend to join you for a walk, a run or a new class at the gym as HER source of motivation. Motivation begets motivation. Give some. Get some. That is how it works.

What has motivated YOU lately? How do you think you can help to motivate someone else this week? Please share in the comments. We love hearing from you!

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