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If you are new around here, you will quickly find out that we have a strong running community.  In fact, some of you that have been around for a while might think us runners as  a crazy, fanatical, *talks about running all the time* group.

We aren’t.

You might feel like you don’t belong to a runner group because you aren’t a runner, have no desire to become a runner or maybe you want to be a runner, but cannot imagine for the life of you the ACTUAL journey to BECOMING a runner.

If you are anything like I used to be (when I wasn’t a runner, four years ago), you might even think there is NO WAY IN HELL YOU WILL EVER BE A RUNNER because frankly, running is SO hard and it hurts and how do I breathe, how do I move my legs and arms in repetitive motion for minutes at a time without keeling over and DYING?

That was me, years ago.  I had ZERO desire to run, EVER.  Seriously, I hated running with a passion.

It took a group of ladies from this very site to challenge me to doing Couch to 5K to get the ball running (ha!) for me.  That fateful days over four years ago, I committed to that group of Shrinking Jeans members to give the Couch to 5K program a shot.  I committed to following their training plan for nine weeks and committed to not quitting when it got hard.  I decided that if I still hated running after the nine weeks were up, then I could hang up my running shoes for good, knowing that I had given it a good, solid try and not left wondering *what if*.

Well, the rest is history and I have now been running for 4 years and 4 months.  I will be running my seventh half marathon in a few weeks and another half marathon in April.  I had pushed my body beyond what I imagined it could ever do.  I have grown exponentially with my mental fortitude, becoming a stronger person not only with running but in other areas of my life.  I have met the most wonderful, awesome runner friends- in real life and through this here community.  We runners are a strong, supportive, motivating, inspiring group.

I let go of comparing myself to others, reveling in the power that is ME.

I understand that running isn’t for everyone.  I know that some just don’t enjoy it, or their bodies aren’t happy with running, or that it doesn’t fit their lifestyle for whatever reason.  I know others have gone through Couch to 5k, giving it a good, solid try and still deciding that it wasn’t for them and that is OK.

But how will you ever know if you have what it takes if you don’t give it a try?

We are starting a new Couch to 5K Virtual Program the week of January 12th.  Will you be joining us?  Will you make a commitment to discipline and hard work with the potential rewards of health, fitness, joy, elation, and satisfaction of job well-done?

More details to come……

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