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Hello, hello! This is my first post for the ‘Hood for 2014 and my first chance to officially wish you all a Happy New Year! A special welcome to our new followers who have found their way to the best place on the ‘net for information, motivation and support as well all try to kick some pounds to the curb.

For you newcomers,  allow me to introduce you to Toot Your Horn Tuesday! This is a day of the week we deem All About Thou! I know from reading a lot of your posts on our Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Challenge Facebook page that  you guys are working hard to get the year off to a strong start. You are already challenging yourselves in many ways and experiencing victories both big and small. Toot Your Horn Tuesdays is a chance for you to share with the rest of us anything your little heart desires that has made you feel proud lately. And I do mean anything!

One of the best things The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is known for is our support of one another. Tell us what you have been up to lately that has led to that big ass smile on your face or that “See? I TOLD you I could do it” look in your eye. We want to share in your victories and give you a round of applause. Go ahead, toot that horn. Tell us about your workouts, or the times you passed up a second helping, or what random act of kindness you may have done for a stranger that left you feeling fantastic, or the time you drove past the drive- thru and opted for your healthy leftovers instead. Whatever it is, we want to hear it!

Ironically, I don’t have much to toot about myself because I have been sick lately. BUT… I have used my down time to get some much-needed rest and have managed to do some healthy meal planning. I have also had a lot of time to read what you guys have been up to on FB so I KNOW you have something to Toot Your Horn about!

Ready? Go! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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