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It’s winter in case you didn’t already know that and sometimes you have to just create your own sunshine when you haven’t seen the sun in a while!! It’s been dreary and cold for the past few weeks and in north Texas that’s a rarity. This week has been nice and sunny and I have wanted to soak up EVERY, SINGLE MINUTE of it so we’ve spent a good amount of time outside. We’ve read on the patio, played a game with the sunshine streaming in the window and my son went skateboarding while I walked around the apartment complex. I felt so much better mentally and physically when I was soaking up the rays!  Something I discovered over the past month or so is that my body and mind NEEDS sunshine!

Since the sun was hiding out over the past few weeks I had to find a way to create some sunshine.

How do you create sunshine you might ask?? I’m glad you asked!!

The best way to do it is to head to the gym! Yes, going to the gym will help create those yummy endorphins that make you happy. After you are done at the gym, head home and have some lean protein and a nice hot shower. That will feed your muscles and your body properly. After showering take some time throughout your day and move your body in some way. Whether it is something small like taking a walk outside or just doing some lunges or jumping jacks, keep moving your body! Trust me it will help.

Another way to help you through the long, dreary winter is to take a Vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is an inexpensive supplement that is important for our mental stability. I didn’t realize how important vitamin d was to my health till last year when I went to the doctor and he said my levels were extremely low. Once I started taking a supplement I started feeling better!

When I start really craving sunshine I start thinking about things that mean summer. Things like fresh fruit, barbecues, going to the park, taking walks – these all mean spring and summer to me. Then I go to the store and buy some nice, fresh fruit and eat a fruit salad on the patio….even if it’s cold and dreary outside! Anything that reminds you of the warm sunshine should be a constant during your dreary days of little to no sunshine!

If all else fails find a nice peaceful sunset and take a picture of it and stare at it over and over again!! It’s amazing what seeing those rays will do for your mood!

It really does make a huge difference. Give it a try this week and let me know how it works out for you.



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