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We are flying through the second half of our Weight Loss Bootcamp Challenge! We are at the end of week 6, which means there are only 2 weeks left! How are all of you doing? Did you have a scale victory this week? How about a non scale victory? Either way, we are kicking some serious butt!

You know that drill! Hop on that scale and let us know how you did! If you’re a blogger, blog about your week, and make sure to stop back here and share your link. If you don’t blog, just use the comments below to share your story.  Take a few minutes to leave some virtual high fives for your fellow Shrinkers or some words of encouragement to those that may need it.

The Mini Challenge:
In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want you to Love Yourself! SAY or DO 3 positive things for yourself. It could be as simple as finding something you like about yourself each day – physical or not,  or doing something nice for yourself.

All the other good stuff:

Run The ‘Hood Shamrock Shuffle Virtual Race


Are you ready for the luckiest race of the year? One filled with rainbows and gold and clovers? We are going IRISH with our Shamrock Shuffle 5K/10K/Fun Run! Who knows… Maybe you will find a pot of gold at the finish line! We thought it would be pretty golden to donate a portion of our proceeds to support our heroes and through the Wounded Warrior Project! The virtual race will be held on March 16, 2013, and can be run anywhere! Click the badge below for more details!

You can also download the Charity Miles app and earn even more money for the Wounded Warrior Project, or one of several other great charities, with every mile you walk, run, or bike.

Check out our AMAZING medal proof  -it’s soooooooo beautiful.

Our Couch to 5K Run with the Sisterhood Program is going strong! Join in now and run on over to our Run With the Sisterhood Facebook group to check it out. Lots of running goodness happening over there!

Monthly Fitness Calendar for February!

Are you keeping up? Are you love handles crying for mercy?

Shrinking Jeans Boot Camp

It’s a FREE online 6-week burst training bootcamp class that requires nothing but you in your workout clothes! No equipment necessary, for real! And, it’s guaranteed to whip your butt into shape.

Sisterhood Shots for February

Start the year off with a photo-a-day celebrating your healthy living journey! Share them on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter! Be sure to use the #SisterhoodShot hashtag, and to tag us on Facebook! We love to see and share your shots!

Shrinking Kitchen

Hungry, but don’t know what to eat? Step into the Shrinking Kitchen and find a treasure trove of delicious recipes with all the nutritional information AND WW Points Plus calculated for you. For real! AND, they also Menu Plan Your Butt Off each week with healthy, menu plans complete with printable grocery list. No excuses, people, it’s all there for you! They have also created a brand new {private}  FaceBook Group: Feast Your Eyes-Healthy Food Sharing!

That’s all for now! Meet us back here, same time, same place next week! Happy Shrinking!

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