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Sugar. I knew it was bad for me. But I realized just how bad after I did Jodi’s Eat Clean Health 28-Reset about 6 months ago. Sugar! There seems to be sugar in everything!

Sugar is added to just about every processed food – sometimes very sneakily. Aside from all the added sugars, we grew up pouring spoonfuls of sugar on our corn flakes, adding sugar to our iced tea, and consuming tons of penny candy at the gas station. It’s a miracle we still have teeth!

After the first couple of days of the 28-day Reset, I felt HORRIBLE. Like I didn’t want to see or speak to anyone because I was so grouchy, and then came along Jodi’s daily email saying something along the lines of: ‘Today you will feel horrible because you’re body is detoxing off the sugar.’ Yeah, understatement of the universe! Thankfully a couple of days later I felt AMAZING, and the detox from the sugar was so, so worth it.

As the 28 days passed and I lived without added processed sugars I felt better than I have in YEARS. Maybe in my whole life. My stomach flattened out, I felt clear headed, I was HAPPY and much more patient. I had energy that lasted all day long, no end of the day slump. I felt joy in life!

After the 28 days, I slowly started reintroducing foods that had been eliminated back into my diet, but I’m happy to say that sugar has, for the most part, not been a welcomed guest. I have found alternatives for added sugar in baked goods, and I am an avid label reader, opting for goods that do not have added sugar – it is possible to find them!

So today when I read this article on Babble, it made me ANGRY. Angry, you say? YES. It made me angry that sugar is such an awful thing, and so many people don’t realize the affects it has on every aspect of our bodies. It made me ANGRY, and my hope is that after you’ve read it, you’ll be encouraged to take steps to start consuming less sugar everyday. Baby steps.

Read this article from Babble, and leave a comment below. How does it make you feel? Are you inclined to make changes to your diet in order to eliminate sugar? Have you already cut the sugar, and if so, how do you feel? Have you done Whole30 or gone Paleo and eliminated sugar? Do you think it’s a fad like the whole low-fat diet of yesterday?

Sound off!

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