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Today is the day!! As a Colorado native, I might be a little biased.

Ok, I might be a lot biased.

On this day, football lovers and non-football lovers unite – some to watch the game and observe every strategy, hoping the money they bet on the game turns out in their favor. And some to enjoy the marketing genius, or lack thereof, evident in the ever-so-creative commercials that surface throughout the game.

Snacks and beverages aplenty will be ready and waiting – finger foods, dips, the fridge stocked with beer sparkling water. It can be a day to completely destroy your healthy eating habits, one hot wing at a time. I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s alright to indulge every once in a while…just don’t overdo it. Make smart choices about where your fingers wander and make sure to drink LOTS of water – it will help to flush impurities out of your system, as well as make you feel more full.

Oftentimes, people will use television events like this to create drinking games: Chug your beverage if someone scores a touchdown! While this may be absolutely fine with a big glass of H2O, lets give ourselves a reality check and acknowledge that many of us will not be sipping simply on that. We’re all adults here, we know better.

In true Sisterhood fashion, I’ve discovered several alternatives to the ever-popular drinking games: Super Bowl Sunday Workout Challenges! There are a variety of Super Bowl workouts that can be applied to this all day event. You can get your fitness on while watching grown men in spandex tackle each other in the snow in the battle to determine the reigning champions of the U.S….until next year, of course.

These are a few I found:




You can mix and match the workouts, or use these as inspiration to create your own! If you do a Super Bowl Workout, be sure to tell us which one you did and how it went!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone – may the best team win! 🙂

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