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Has spring sprung where you live?  The first official day of spring was about a week ago so I promise spring really is coming she writes in an attempt to believe it herself.  Hopefully you aren’t still digging out from the latest winter storm but are beginning to see some warmer weather and increased sunshine.  If you’ve spent the majority of the winter inside on a treadmill, you will need to keep a few things in mind as you transition back to running outside.  Many runner injuries can occur from ramping up your outdoor mileage as the outdoor terrain can be tougher on our joints and ligaments.

Here are 5 tips to transition from winter to spring running.

  • Ease into it.  Start with one run per week and gradually advance to running the majority of your runs back outside.  Keep running surfaces in mind (go for softer ones like blacktop vs concrete) and limit hills until you have a few good flat runs under your feet.  You might feel a little slower outside since you’ll be dealing with elevation and wind but getting out of the stuffy, boring gym will feel so great that you probably won’t even care.
  • Splurge on a new pair of running shoes.  You’ve probably been wearing the same pair since your fall marathon and the miles have added up.  Also, if you’ve done a fair amount of outdoor running over the winter, running on the ice and snow has probably taken a toll on your shoes.  Spring is the start of a new training cycle and the perfect time to get re-fitted for a new pair of kicks.
  • Spruce up your playlist! Hit up iTunes or your favorite place to find music and pick some fun, springy songs that get your feet moving.  My current obsession is Happy by Pharrell Williams.  I *might* have been singing it outloud on my run the other day.
  • Safety first!  The whole time change thing has many of us running in the morning while it’s still dark, so make sure you are visible to drivers (wear a reflective vest and a headlamp any time you will be out between dusk and dawn).  If any of your contact information has changed, order a new RoadID.
  • Add some fun new running clothes to your wardrobe.  Just remember not to overdress as it gets warmer.  Just like you did all winter, dress as if it’s about 20 degrees warmer than it really is outside.  40* may still seem freezing to you, but trust me, you’ll appreciate just wearing short sleeves and capris a couple miles into that run!  Also, make sure to protect your skin. Sunscreen every time.

Do you have a new favorite running song I should add to my playlist?

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