Benefits of running solo – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Running with a friend or running group has its benefits. Someone is there to keep you accountable and you can enjoy conversation and catch up with friends you haven’t seen all week. However, sometimes you may need to go off on your own. Maybe your training schedule’s planned mileage doesn’t match the group or you need to get your training runs in at a time your buddies aren’t available.

There are benefits of running solo.

1. You can run at your own pace. By running solo, you aren’t forced into running a distance or speed that the others are running.

2. You can pick the day and time that works for you.

3. Running solo allows you to unplug. You can get lost in the run or your music. If you need time with your thoughts, this is the time.

4. It forces you to be accountable to yourself. There isn’t someone meeting you at the trailhead so the only person you’ll let down if you don’t show up is yourself.

5. Running solo, especially on long runs, is great mental training for those times in the race when there aren’t spectators cheering you on. You can be your own cheerleader.

What’s your preference? Solo running or with your BRF (best running friend)?

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