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Habits. Routines. Traditions. We all have them. When it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, they can be good, bad and downright weird.

Whether you listen to the same soundtrack during your workout or have a specific, nightly cup of tea to ensure slumber, these patterns trigger reassurance, motivation and comfort.

We are a routine and tradition-loving species. We develop habits specifically tailored to our individual selves, and while certain conventions may work for you, something entirely different may boost somebody else’s workout or be part of their daily nutrition. Learning what others do can be beneficial as well, however, allowing you to pick and choose some of their practices and develop them into your own.

Also, some of them are just simply quirky and entertaining.

Habits are not always necessarily a positive thing, though. For example, I am terrible at stretching. I know this makes me more prone to injury during exercise, and I always vow to be better at actually doing it. The times that I don’t stretch, sadly, far outweigh the times that I do. And that’s a bad habit I’d like to get out of…..eventually.

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In the spirit of airing out all our clean, dirty and eccentric laundry here, let us know what some of your good, bad and quirky eating and exercise habits are. I’ll start:


  • I always eat before a workout to give my body energy.
  • Salad dressing on the side…for health reasons but mostly because I don’t like my greens swimming in a pool of vinaigrette.
  • Breakfast is a must. And coffee…but that’s a different story.
  • I try and get a good mix of cardio and weight-lifting every week.
  • I buy organic or locally-grown produce whenever possible.
  • I try to ensure correct form whenever I lift weights.


  • I don’t drink nearly enough water.
  • Stretching is not something I do often enough, or even particularly think about.
  • Cheese. Enough said.
  • Frequently, I eat late at night. And not just a light snack.
  • I’m pretty sure half of the fluids in my body are composed of caffeine.
  • I sometimes cheat at pull-ups. Ok, ok I often cheat at pull-ups.
  • I don’t necessarily breathe correctly, or at all, when lifting heavy weights. No, I have not passed out yet. Yet.


  • My socks have to match when I work out. Period.
  • If I listen to music while I run I mouth the lyrics. And occasionally imitate a sick drum solo.
  • Every morning I drink a mug of warm water with turmeric, curry powder, ginger powder and cayenne pepper. And sometimes I add Maca powder. The flavor combination has yet to grow on me.
  • I drink hot water. All. Day. Long.
  • I really enjoy burpees. And box jumps. Well, it’s more of a love-hate relationship.

Your turn! Let us know your routines/traditions/habits in the comments section or on our Facebook page!

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