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The key to successfully losing weight for me was all in my diet.  I don’t mean I *dieted* because the word diet conjures up so many negative connotations.  When I say diet, I mean changing the way I ate, what I ate, and the portions I ate, being mindful of what I consumed, making a conscious effort to *eat right*.

The first time I lost a significant amount of weight (for me) was about a year after the birth of baby #1.  I joined Weight Watchers, counted points and lived religiously for those *extra* points on the weekends.  At that particular point in my life, I was very adverse to exercising- like, I would DIE if I had to make time to exercise.  The few times I did exercise it hurt a lot, I breathed heavier than when I was in natural labor, and I SWEATED.  I quickly stopped exercising because all of that sucked.  I was so naïve!

The second (and ONLY) other time I lost a significant amount of weight (for me) was this past August.  My husband and I teamed up to do Jodi’s 28 Day Reset.  Basically, we eliminated all the crap from our diets.  We ate only fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats and seeds for the first three weeks.  The last week we started re-introducing foods like beans, grains, and dairy to see how our bodies tolerated those foods.  Going *clean* wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  The hardest part was the food prep work involved for a family of five, because we took our three children on the ride with us.

In the first month alone, I lost 13 lbs and my husband lost 17 lbs.  We jump started our metabolism (we are both 41 years old), we felt great and our clothes didn’t fit so tightly anymore.  Seriously, the best I have ever felt in my entire life was during those first 3 weeks of the 28 day reset.  We continued on this way, but adding back in other foods.  In total, I lost 22 lbs and my husband lost 40 lbs over the course of several months.

Just a few weeks ago!  My husband went from a 38 in waist to a 32 in waist.  I went from size 12/14 to size 8/10. 

However, some bad habits are finding their way back into my eating regimen and I have put back on a few pounds.  I am feeling blah and while my clothes still fit, I am feeling thicker.  I feel like I have gotten lazy with what I eat, snacking on crap has snuck back in, and I am not chowing down on as many fruits and veggies as I should be. My husband has kept his weight off but he too feels he could use a *tune up*.

So, we are going to do it again.

We are going to reset the inner workings of our body, our metabolism and the way we feel about food and use food.  He wants to go ALL IN for the first 3 weeks.  I am committed to doing it for two weeks but I am pretty sure with a little peer pressure, I could be convinced to do it for three weeks again : ).

My body is strong but my mind is stronger.

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