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Good morning!! It’s time for our weekly check-in here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. If you’re participating in our Spring Into Action weight loss challenge, you do not have to officially submit a weight this week. The only official weight you’ll have to submit is your final weigh-in the last week of the challenge, April 23rd. You are more than welcome to leave a comment letting us know how you’re progressing, and if you blogged about it, then by all means leave a link to your post.

So, tell me how you did this week. Do you feel a renewed sense of motivation and dedication with this new challenge? I know I do! Is the team aspect of the challenge helping you stay on track? Are you enjoying keeping up with and cheering each other on daily? Did the number on the scale go down? Are your jeans feeling a little looser? We hope so!


Last week we encouraged you to come up with a mini-challenge for your team. Did you think of something unique? Share it with us. We’re always looking for new ideas!

This week’s mini-challenge is to get in at least 40 minutes of exercise 4 days in the next week. In this article, Nancy Clark talks about how one study determined that people who exercised 4 days for 40 minutes burned more calories, were more energized, and were less likely to experience burnout. Makes sense, right?

If you’re not sure what you’re going to do for 40 minutes a day, why not mix it up? You can do yoga for 10 minutes, walk for 20 minutes, and dance for 10 minutes. Do what works for you! You can find so many awesome workouts for FREE online. Here’s a post with some great free workout options, and you and you can also follow us on Pinterest where we’re constantly posting cool workouts we come across.

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Are you keeping up with the 10K a Day PLUS calendar? It’s still NOT too late to join in! You can start today and just carry right on through the end of the month.

What about our #SisterhoodShots photo-a-day calendar? It’s totally awesome this month, and again, you can pick up with today and just shoot away the rest of the month! Be sure to use our super-awesome #sisterhoodshots hashtag 🙂

That’s it for this week! Thanks for checking in 🙂

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