Fitness apps can be an effective tool



Hi friends! For those of you who are new to the Sisterhood, one of the weekly features that we have done in the past is called The Thursday Three. I am dustin’ her off for old time’s sake. This is a post where we ask you to list three bullet points on any particular topic. Today’s topic happens to be one of my favorite topics when it comes to this health and fitness journey of ours: fitness apps!

Now, we all know I have WAY more than just three fitness apps on my phone. I’m narrowing today’s down to three new ones I have been using (some of which are not intended for fitness, per say). These are three apps that I have been enjoying lately and wanted to share with you. In turn, I am hoping each of you will share three with me! What apps have been working for you lately?

1. First up, my new favorite: Way of Life.  This is a nifty habit tracker app. For those of you who love to see your progress in all sorts of visual charts and graphs, this app is for you. You determine which goals you would like to track, and then simply check in with the app on a daily basis to “report” whether you reached your goal for the day or not. I like that you can skip days without it counting “against” your total days of success (for example, when ‘rest’ days are built into your workout schedule). Unlike other habit tracker apps I have tried, this one does not limit you to tracking just one or two habits. You can have several. Mine is set up to track my goals of reaching 10,000 steps a day and of decluttering 15 minutes a day. For Lent, I will be adding a new habit to track: 15 minutes of quiet prayer time daily.

This isn’t my own personal screen shot, but one from iTunes. Here, the user is tracking meditation, flossing and taking vitamins.

2. Women’s Health Diary 2.   Here at the Sisterhood, we are all about health. This handy app helps you to keep track of doctor’s appointments, test results, your weight, blood pressure, mammograms, immunizations, pap smears, menstrual cycles, blood sugar levels and any other data you need to keep an eye on.  There is also a “notebook” feature, which has come in handy as I navigate and jot down information relating to my elderly parents and their upcoming doctor’s appointments, test results etc.


3. EveryMove   I first learned about this app from Nancy’s post back in January and have been hooked ever since. This is an app that rewards you for everything you do to move toward a healthy lifestyle. You earn rewards points for all sorts of things, even shoveling (which I have had enough of already!) and housework. Exercise classes. Your cardio sessions. Doing 5ks. The reward points just keep adding up and up. I have already earned discounts on fitness apparel and a fitness DVD. I am currently working toward a new pair of badly needed ear buds.

So there ya have it. Three apps I have been enjoying lately. Sometimes using a new app can just freshen things up a bit, ya know?

I hope you will share with me three of your favorite apps! Please post in the comments. What have you been using lately?

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