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Today is the LAST check-in for this challenge? Are you as surprised as I am? It honestly snuck up on me and bit me in the ass this morning when I looked at the calendar. Where has the time, and hopefully all of the extra weight gone? So here’s the plan. Because we forgot to remind you LAST week that this was the final week, we’re going to keep the check-in form open all day today and tomorrow so you can get together with your team and submit your final weights.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this challenge, and meeting new people as you formed a team for support and motivation. From what I’ve seen on our Facebook group, a lot of you have formed some pretty tight friendships, and in turn, you’ve been supporting the heck out of each other. Honestly, that makes my whole day happier, just thinking about it….

Sisterhood Transformer Game

What’s on the horizon as far as challenges? Well, we’ll be taking a little time off from having a formal weight loss, challenge, but each week on Wednesday, we’ll still have a check-in post. We are planning to host a DietBet Sisterhood Transformer game starting sometime mid-May, and there will be lots more details coming very soon. It will be totally awesome, of course! And if you’d like to find out more info on DietBet Transformer games, you can go here. Just be sure to wait for our game to sign up!

Run the ‘Hood

If you didn’t already know, we’re hosting a summer virtual run on June 29th! For more information, visit our brand new Run the ‘Hood site! If you register by Friday, you can save $5 with our early bird discount code: EARLYBIRD

We’d love to have your feedback on our challenge, and our site. So please leave a comment, or shoot us an email: [email protected]

Check-in Form

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