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Good morning, shrinkers!  We are experiencing the weirdest weather ever here in Central Texas- one day nice and sunny and warm and then an April cold front moves in with gray, dreary and cold weather.  But now it’s sunny and warm again.  I am obsessive about checking the weather- ha!  How are YOU doing?  Are you still going strong with this challenge? Faultering? Fell off the wagon? Never got on the wagon in the first place?  Get your head back to where it needs to be.  So much about weight loss is mental, where your brain is at (the same is true for endurance running).  Put your brain in the right place and the rest will follow.

Mini Challenge

Last week, we challenged you to FIND YOUR HAPPY.  Did you find it- where?  Was it from enjoying a nice, Spring day? Or an extra cup of coffee?  Did you achieve a goal you had previously set for yourself?  Maybe one of your children brought home a good behavior report? That would make me happy- ha!  Maybe you had a NSV- Non Scale Victory- like having to buy smaller clothes to fit your shrinking body or declining unhealthy food or drink while at a social gathering.  Tell us about your happy.

This week, we challenge you with fruits and vegetable.  What do I mean by that?  I want you to strive for FIVE servings of fruits and veggies every single day.  This is a difficult one for me which is exactly why I like to put it on the table as often as possible.  We want you to eat, eat, eat your fruits and veggies- they are SO good for you.  Fruits and veggies provide your body with real vitamins and nutrients and fill you up on the *good* stuff,.  Drink a fruit smoothie for breakfast, add a salad to lunch, sautéed some veggies for dinner and have a piece of fruit for snack- you will reach 5 servings in no time flat!

Fitness and Photos

Raise your hand high if you are kicking ass in April with our Kick-Ass April monthly fitness calendar?  This month is all about your derrière, your backside, your junk in the trunk. And it will also work just about every other part of your body as well. Burpees, squats and wall-sits are your friend this month. Be sure to click over and print out your copy TODAY.

There’s also a fantastic new Sisterhood Shots calendar up thanks to Trish. Get our your phones and snap your way through the month of April. Be sure to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtage #SisterhoodShots so we’ll all be able to find them! You can click over and download your very own photo-a-day calendar right here!

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know how you’re doing this week. We love to hear what you have to say. If you’ve blogged about your week, leave a link, and go and visit other blogs as well.

Peace Out and Happy Shrinking!

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