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If you’ve been following along with me the past 2 weeks you know that I am throwing down the gauntlet on my sugar addiction and I’ve gone sugar free. (If you are new here and have no idea what I’m talking about go read about it here, I’ll wait for you.) I decided it was time to get serious about this and see what I could do to break my habit of mindlessly eating sugar; hidden sugar, obvious sugar, sodas, junk food and even food that I would have never guessed to have sugar in them have become enemy number 1 for me (and my Facebook group waving good morning to all of them!!). It’s truly amazing where sugar is and how much of our foods that are considered “healthy” are loaded up with sugar of one kind or another!

It’s been 2 weeks now that I started on this journey of not eating (or drinking) sugar and I am happy to report that for the most part I have avoided all sugar. I have had three known instances of HIDDEN sugar in stupid things that really shouldn’t have sugar at all! I even passed on some yummy dinner rolls because there were 4 grams of sugar per roll!! And let me tell you I would normally have had at least 2 of them because they are so yummy, but who needs 8 grams of sugar in a dinner roll?? NOT I, said the girl who has lost more than 5 pounds in 2 weeks!!

Sunday I went to the movies with my 10 year old son and passed on soda and movie candy!! YES, that’s what I call a successful trip to the movies; especially since he had both!! The ladies in my group are having a huge amount of success, as well. One of the ladies made such drastic changes that she’s lowered her blood sugar levels significantly! (She also washed icing off her tongue to keep from eating the icing that she instinctively put in her mouth as she was baking a cake for someone). Can you say ROCK STAR??? That’s right!! We are making changes in our life for the better!! Another one of our groupies had this to say:  “Today’s Sunday. That’s always my indulgence day. Today, I ate clean all day, but foods I loved, am relaxing with a glass of wine and later on will grab an apple with some peanut butter. I didn’t NEED a specific indulgence (donut, super sugary coffee, etc) because I am satisfied with what I’m eating.” Another success story to share: “Made over 150 cream cheese mints for graduation and did not have a single taste!!”  Another one just to show that it can be done : “For me, my energy is up, my weight is down 5 pounds, I feel more energetic, and I’m not relying on black coffee to get me through the day. In fact, some days I don’t even drink all that I’ve made. I’ve discovered my favorite breakfast (1 egg+1 egg white from carton) avocado and tomato slices) and I’m not missing the things I thought I would. Seems the longer I go, the stronger my resolve to not mess up…”

And just to show y’all that we are humans and that sometimes we will have a crappy day and fall off the wagon of going sugar free here is a post from someone that says, “Today has been hard. I caved and ate a hand full of chocolate chips.” BUT and this is my favorite part –“Not only did I not enjoy them, they didn’t even taste good. I know I can do this!”

These are just a few of the success stories and challenges that we have faced over the past 2 weeks. We’ve learned so much and we are there to cheer for the struggles of trying to go without something that is lurking everywhere. We support and cheer for each other. We pull each other up by the boot straps, when necessary.

But most of all we are all in this journey of life together, striving to be the best that we can be for ourselves and our families. We are learning that fruits and veggies and lean proteins are the better options when we want something sweet to eat. We are learning to turn to healthier options when we are stressed and even losing weight when we “medically” shouldn’t be able to!  Yes, going sugar free is difficult but not living a healthy lifestyle is even more difficult! If you dare to join us on our 30 day “throwing down the gauntlet” on sugar I can promise plenty of support and encouragement and I can also promise your life will never be the same again.

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