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This past Wednesday marked the end of my 30 days sugar free fast that I started on April 14. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read about it here. I put together this challenge more as a challenge for myself than for anyone else, because I was seriously addicted to sugar but the beauty of being an online support group is that others will usually tag along with you as long as you put it out there! I’m  glad that I had this opportunity to encourage others to join in and I’m thankful that others are now 30 days healthier, too!

Some of the benefits of going sugar free for 30 days for me are: no longer craving sugary treats, no longer desiring to eat ice cream that used to be a huge favorite, no longer mindlessly eating cookies, cakes, and processed foods when bored, eating more lean proteins. I am also drinking a lot more water and some iced tea instead of drinking soda. But, the most important benefit for me – weight loss to the tune of 6.8 pounds, when I haven’t been able to lose weight all year long!

Everyone that signed up to participate in this challenge has learned so much about the way we normally ate. Reading labels has become the new norm before eating or drinking something. Watching for those hidden sugars in places that we wouldn’t think there should be any sugar is another huge danger in our new way of eating. We’ve improved our blood sugar levels, we’ve lost weight and inches, we’ve helped to improve the health of our entire family, as well as learned new ways to enjoy time together, without eating stuff that isn’t good for us! In the beginning of the challenge I suffered from withdrawal symptoms and some severe headaches, but once the first week was over I didn’t really have an issue with the headaches and cravings.

My biggest challenge with eating sugar free has been while eating out. I’m in charge of the grocery shopping in our house so it’s up to me to buy plenty of healthy, sugar free foods so that part is not as difficult as when we eat out. Reading menus and nutrition charts before we leave the house to make sure I’m choosing meals that don’t have any added sugar just adds to the process of eating out. Fast food meals are the toughest because even the so-called healthy choices are loaded with added sugars or sugar substitutes, which quiet honestly just makes me angry!

Now that I’ve been sugar free for 30 days I’ve been trying to decide how I am going to handle all of my new found knowledge and what I’m going to do regarding consuming sugar. I think that I have come up with a workable solution for me. This does not mean that everyone will agree with me on this but this is what I have decided to do. For the most part I am going to stay away from sugar; both the outright obvious sugar, like cookies, cakes, ice cream and the not so obvious sugar and sugar substitutes, that are in processed foods.  These are the ones that I think will be more difficult to stay away from as they are the ones that aren’t obvious, but these are also the ones that make the most sense to stay away from. I have made this decision because of how I have felt while off the sugar. I have had more energy. I’m making wiser food choices. I’m eating more protein (which has always been an issue for me). I’m eating more fruits and veggies, which is good for me! I’m eating more raw nuts and less processed foods.

The bottom line is that I am eating like I have wanted to for years but have struggled with how to follow through with it till now. I know that I will occasionally indulge in something with sugar in it but I’m going to really work at making it an occasional treat instead of something I am eating/drinking every day! I’m gaining my health back from this new lifestyle change and that is the reason I am here in the first place!



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