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A few weeks ago, I did something to my foot while running….or maybe not while running.  I really don’t know when I did the *something*.  All I know is the top of my foot is hurting in a strange way and it won’t go away.  It is in the weirdest spot and for the life of me, I don’t know how this occurred.  In all my years of running, the only time my feet have hurt was when I needed to change out my running shoes for a new pair and it was always the bottom of my feet that were sore.

I have some theories of what could have caused this.


-Ramping up the mileage too fast

-Running hills too often with not enough stretching (or none)

-Running on the same side of the road every single run instead of alternating

-That one time I was twisting my foot this way and that way to get it in my running shoe and felt a pop

-A combination of all of the above

I took a week off from running to give it time to rest and heal.  I ran Wednesday morning and while my legs felt great, my heart rate was low, and my foot felt OK the first 1.5 miles, by mile 2 it just ached and felt tight.  Mile 3 I walked it on home.  My pace for miles one and two were my normal pace but that didn’t matter to the pain in my foot.  As I walked it home (which I never do), I faced the reality that I just might need to let my foot rest for a longer bit of time, that maybe this is the time to switch gears to a different kind of exercise for the next month or so.  I can’t stop exercising but I could stop pounding my foot in hopes of healing and recovery.  Maybe bike or swim or strength train.

I start marathon training all too soon and I need to have happy, healthy feet in order to make it through a marathon training season.

Truthfully though, as I walked it home and thought about taking a break from running, I felt tears dripping down my face.  I run, that is what I do.  I have done it non-stop for two years, meaning NO BREAK.  I feel as if my body is betraying me.  However, before I let my mind fall down that slippery slope of *I’m not good enough, I’m not a runner, I am not worthy*,  I put on my current favorite running song (Best Day of My Life by American Authors).

I told myself: “This is but a blip in your running journey.  Your body is telling you something- now LISTEN.  Today is not your best day BUT you will have a best day soon.  You have to rest and recover so you can continue running.  Don’t give up the 26.2 dream.  You will achieve it.”

So no running for now.  I will switch to swimming, strength training and yoga. I am not sure how long I can last with no running. A few days? A week? A few weeks?

We shall see.

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