Sisterhood Shots: June Photo-A-Day


I’m so happy that the sun is out and the weather is warmer. It time to get outside and get moving! This is where Sisterhood Shots comes in handy!

As you go through your weight loss/fitness journey this month, look at this photo prompt list and use them to take a photo that relates to you. If you share or document your journey through blogging, a FB group, Pinning or Twitter, this photo-a-day challenge is great addition!

Every one here at the Sisterhood and in our community would love to see your pictures, so make sure you use this hashtag #sisterhoodshots

Now grab your camera or cell phone and get outside, get moving and get healthy!

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Sisterhood Shots: June Photo-A-Day

June’s FREE monthly workout calendar! 30-Day Strong Arms Challenge! By the end of June, you will be showcasing strong, toned arms! Buh-bye, batwings! Full exercise instructions and a printable calendar can be found HERE!

You’re also welcome to check out ALL of our monthly fitness calendars!

Register for the Chasing the Sun Virtual 5K/10K/Mile Run & Walk! Super awesome custom tees and medals will be sent to your doorstep!

Registration ENDS 6/1! Hurry up and register before it’s to late!

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