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Good Morning Shrinkers!

Or in my case, someone who needs to get back to shrinking.  Wednesday has rolled around and it’s time for each of us to assess where we are in our journey.  Are we maintaining, have we fallen off the wagon, do we need to kick it back into high gear?  I, for one, need to kick it back into high gear.  I have let a few pounds creep back on here and there and it’s time to say *ADIOS* to those unwanted pounds.  I need to reign in my eating habits and get back into the business of exercising regularly.  Can I get an *AMEN*?!

What about you?  How has the last week gone for you?  Talk to me (in the comments below)- I want to know.

On to other business items around the ‘hood……

1. DietBet Transformer Game: Commit to Your Fit

Our Commit to Your Fit weight loss challenge has started! Don’t worry- you can still join our challenge; you’ve still got ONE WEEK to COMMIT to the game.  

If you’re not familiar with DietBet games, or our challenges, please be sure to check out our Current Challenge page. All the questions are there, along with all the answers!

2. Run the ‘Hood Chasing the Sun Virtual Race

Our virtual race series, called Run the ‘Hood, has been around for 3 years, and we’ve hosted many fun and exciting races.  Our next race is called Chasing the Sun and offers a 5k, 10k and 1k fun run.  We put on some pretty awesome virtual races, complete with an awesome swag bag of a shirt, medal and other goodies. You can find more information on our page for Run the ‘Hood.  REGISTRATION ENDS JUNE 1st.

Alrighty then, it’s time to get back to shrinking- HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!

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