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Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea for the Fit Dad in your life?  Look no more!  We have some awesome recommendations to make your gift shopping easier.  My husband is a Fit Dad and would welcome any of the items on this list, although some more than others.  If you are still on the prowl for the perfect gift for your husband/dad/grandfather/uncle/friend for Father’s Day, then definitely check out these great ideas.

Fitbit ($99.95).  The Fitbit tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes.  I do not personally own one but I know lots of you ladies too and swear by them.  Why not share that love with the Fit Dad?

Race entry fee to favorite race (price varies depending on race) Pssst- My husband has returned to running and racing after a four year break.  He is fitter now than he has ever been and he likes racing.  However, with TWO of doing races, we have to pick and choose where to spend our money and time and who will be watching the kids.  He VERY much wants to do the Tough Mudder but O.M.G, that race is expensive and lasts all day.  He would totally LOVE the money to register for the race.

Gift of time.  This *gift* requires no money and would be greatly appreciated by ANY of us.  I don’t know about you, but there never seems to be enough *time*.  The hubby has to MAKE time in order to exercise or run and sometimes, life (or me) get in the way he has carved out for this particular thing.  I know he would LOVE the gift of TIME.

Armband to hold your phone (price varies but $10-15 on average):  Anthony already has one of these and he loves it.  That armband (and phone) accompany him on EVERY workout and EVERY run.  He is lost without it.  Go ahead and get one for your man.

Frog Togg Chilly Pad/Cooling Towel ($12.95).  OK, this is such a cool product!  A towel that cools you off after strenuous activity.  Wet it and cool off!  I seriously want one of these for myself and I am fairly certain my hubby will be receiving one of these for Father’s Day!!!

Road ID bracelet ($29.99)- EVERYONE should have one of these.  In the event of an accident or situation where you are unable to speak for yourself, your bracelet has pertinent, relevant information to assist whomever may be helping you.  I have one already.

Adjustable dumbbells (price varies).  What a great idea for those who like to workout at home!  If my husband had a set of these, I would totally *borrow* them from time to time.  

Other great gift ideas:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Workout clothes
  • Running/athletic shoes
  • Ear buds
  • Oakley sunglasses
  • Gym bag
  • Massage

What about you?  What are giving that special FIT DAD in your life for Father’s Day?

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