Sisterhood Shots: July Photo-A-Day


Welcome to July’s edition of Sisterhood Shots! The 1st of the month is when a lot of people start a brand new weight loss and/or fitness journey. We encourage you to make Sisterhood Shots part of it. Take a photo each day using the prompts, as they relate to you!

Make sure you share your photos through social media with us, so use this hash tag when you do #sisterhoodshots

Get outside, get moving and get healthy!

We want you to ignite your light and let it shine! Show us that you’re a firework! Come on, show us what you’re worth!

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Sisterhood Shots: July Photo-A-Day

July’s FREE monthly workout calendar! 31-Day Squat Challenge! We want to make sure your ass is looking it’s finest {and legs, too}, so this month we are challenging you to firm your gluteus with this new challenge. Full exercise instructions and a printable calendar can be found HERE!

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You’re also welcome to check out ALL of our monthly fitness calendars!

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