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For so many of us, it was a very long, cold and snowy winter. I hope all the kids are finally out of school now. I hate those make up days. It was fun to have the days off to play in the snow, but not so fun when you have to make those days up. We never had to do that when I was a kid!

It’s June 21. Summer is finally here and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I have a little more than two months off of school. That is a perk to working at a school and I love it. I usually make a list at the beginning of my time off of all the things I want to do while I’m off. Rarely do I ever get to all of them. I find I can almost always make time for the fun stuff. You do too, right? It’s what summer is all about. All that cleaning and stuff will be there later.

What are your favorite things to do in the summer? I’m going to share some of mine and maybe you’ll want to try some of them too.

1. I am going to float in the pool with a book as often as possible. We have a pool in the backyard that I rarely go in. I am also going to have fun with the grandkids in there. I just might do a little jogging in there too. I found out a couple years ago that it is the only place that I can jog and not have my joints hurt afterward.

2. I am doing day trips on the train to Chicago. I love the city and there is so much to do. My favorite thing is to take the camera and just shot. The skydeck at Willis Tower is a fantastic place to take pictures.

3. The Indiana Dunes State Park is practically in my backyard. I love walking the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Looking for beach glass is a must.

4. I am going to get back into riding a bike this summer. I’m still looking for a good used one, but until then I can use my daughters. She lives right by the bike trail in town. From beginning to end and back is about 20 miles. I can do that!

5. Without fail, I will be walking just about every day. I’d like it to be no less than three miles and so far, I’ve been over that.

6. For several reasons that could be another post, I have stopped going to exercise classes. Just because I’m not going to class, doesn’t mean I can’t still work out at home. My favorite thing right now is the strong arm challenge here at the Sisterhood and homemade zumba. I made a playlist on the iPod of zumba songs and I just play that and dance. My kettle bell is also my good buddy.

7. All the walking and exercise is hopefully getting me in shape for the tough and fun 3 Dune Challenge that I talked about in my last post.

8. I am really looking forward to having the time to paint. I went to a couple of the “drink and paint” at a local bar and we had a blast. I was amazed that I could actually paint something that didn’t look like one of my preschoolers did it. I bought some paints and canvas and I’m going to create whatever.

9. I am really looking forward to our annual lake vacation with my sister’s family. When we are all there (which is usually just the first weekend) there are 22 of us. The house has beds for 12. We old folks get a bedroom with a bed, so all is good. We rent a pontoon boat and do lots of fishing and the kids dive and swim. We have a blast! It will be grandbaby Haley’s first vacation.

10. Last, but certainly not least, I want to just relax and enjoy my time off. My husband is retired and just sitting at the outdoor table with a glass of wine and him sounds pretty darn nice right now.

So….that’s what I’m doing this summer. How about you? Do you have big plans or just lots of little plans? Feel free to tell us in the comments. You might give us some ideas for something fun to do.

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