Thursday Thoughts – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I called this Thursday Thoughts but really, it’s just a stream of consciousness straight from my head to my fingertips.  With my three kids out for the Summer, we are keeping busy with swimming, visiting with friends, a few camps and also, that small thing called a JOB for me!  My brain spins and twirls and whirls with one million thoughts from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.  Here is but a snippet of those thoughts.

1. On August 24th, I officially start training for my first marathon in February 2015. Holy crap!

2. I am finding it difficult to carve out time to exercise and run this Summer with my 3 kids at home and squeezing in time for my part time job.

3. I tried a Piyo class for the first time today. Pilates + Yoga = Piyo.  Actually it was on YouTube because I couldn’t find time to go to the gym, ha ha. It was much harder than I thought and I was dripping sweat much to my surprise. I couldn’t even make it through 50 minutes – I stopped at 40 minutes!

4. Have you read any good books lately? What?

5. I need a haircut in a bad way.

6. Also, I need to do some searches on this site and the Shrinking Kitchen site to find some lighter cocktail beverage options. We do a lot of socializing in the summer and alcohol is full of calories!

7. New Balance is sending me a new pair of running shoes to review. I am so excited and hopeful that they will be the bomb.

8. I love summertime rain minus the humidity.

9. Shockingly, I am getting acclimated to run in 75-85 degree weather. Last Summer I suffered through my runs but dare I say it- I am actually enjoying all the sweat that comes with running in 85 degree weather!

10.  Am I the only one wishing I was attending Fitbloggin but not attending?!

11.  Anyone doing the Chasing the Sun Virtual Race?  I received my race package yesterday and I ADORE the shirt and medal- too cute!!!!  I cannot wait to run my 5K, wear my shirt and don my medal.

What about you?  What are YOUR Thursday Thoughts?  C’mon, share with me- give me something to read!