You Never Know…. | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


I had a really busy day. A good day, a fun day, but not an up on your feet and moving kind of day. At 8:00 at night, I didn’t even have 4000 steps on my Fitbit. This was not good, but I was really tired and thinking of just not walking for the day.

I got to thinking about how I hadn’t missed a day of walking in over three months. Did I really want to blow that streak? Did I really want to blow that streak just because I was a little tired? But, it was looking like rain. I checked the hourly weather and the radar and they both said I had plenty of time. Actually, the radar was perfectly clear.

It was getting late and the sun was starting to go down. If I was going to go, I couldn’t go far. If I couldn’t go far, was it even worth it? I usually walk between four and six miles a day. I just kept going back to the breaking my streak thing.

I changed my clothes and put on my shoes. I started my Charity Miles app and out the door I went. I figured that if I walked up and down my street a few times, it would at least be something.

I walked four blocks and got to the road that I always turn on. I stopped, I looked and I turned. Thank goodness I did. The sky was beginning to look amazing. So many colors and shapes. I have never been so happy that I had a camera on my phone.

If I would have stayed home, I would have missed this….
and this….

and this…

You never know what you are going to miss if you don’t take a chance or two. I could have stayed home and laid on the couch and read. I could have broke my streak and beat myself up for it in the morning. But, I put on my big girl pants and walked out the door. I never got rained on and I didn’t miss God’s amazing paint party. You never know what you might miss. Don’t take the chance. Go for it. It can be pretty amazing.