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Taking a cue from the tabs across our front page, I introduce to you Tuesday Three’s, where in I share with you THREE things I want to accomplish/do in the coming weeks.  Take a look at my list and then feel free to share your Tuesday Three’s in the comments section below.

Weight Loss

1.  Lose 10 lbs.

2.  Lose 10 lbs.

3.  Lose 10 lbs.


1. Read The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

2.  Try a new smoothie recipe.  Please share your favorite concoction!  My favorite smoothie consists of banana, orange, pineapple, strawberry, lime (with the rind on), flax seed, stevia and chia.  I love it but I have had it practically every day for over 6 months and I want to try something new!

3.  Find more new-to-me nutritious snacks : ).


1.  Read You Are Your Own Gym.

2.  Try a Piyo workout.

3.  Return to strength training on a consistent basis.


1. Pick a marathon training plan FOR SURE.

2.  Find a 10k race and a half marathon to register for in the Fall.

3.  Secure more running buddies to help me through my long runs of marathon training season.


1. Practice more yoga.

2. Read The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.

3.  Keep my kids busy and engaged.  By doing this, there will be less fighting, whining and arguing between them and that would contribute to my well-being, ha ha!!!!

Your turn!

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