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Good morning ladies! It’s Wednesday and this is the “Keepin’ It Real” edition for our weekly check in! I’m calling this the “Keepin’ It Real” Check In post because my reality hasn’t been pretty for the past couple of months and it’s time to come clean! I want y’all to know that I’m NOT perfect! I struggle with crap just like you do! It’s time for a reality check and I have a feeling the scales are going to help give it to me. I’ve had a couple of weeks of lots of eating out, with lots of desserts. (I mean it was my birthday and there were a couple of different celebrations complete with cake, cheesecake and ice cream!)  This summer hasn’t been pretty; a couple of close friends have passed away, another friend has discovered cancer has returned, and my emotions have taken a hit because of this meaning I have been stress eating. Like I said, Keepin’ it real! There are lots of excuses but it’s time for that reality check!! I need to take care of me!!

So I’m gonna git nekked and hop on the scales! I’m not really looking forward to it, but… is reality!! It’s time to get back on track. No more cake, no more cheesecake, no more ice cream! Time to cut the sugar again. Time to focus on me instead of the excuses.

The month is nearly over and we are getting close to August! I promised myself that I would be down 10 or more pounds by the end of August so I have my work cut out for me this month. I just bought a new workout DVD program (PiYo) and I have my Susan G. Komen 3-Day training walks and then there is the Ultimate Booty Book that I am needing to get back on track with.  I have plenty available to get to help get me to my fitness goals and I have more than enough reasons to see that it happens. I now have some added motivation….

I turned 49 this past weekend and I realized that I set a goal a few years ago to be at my weight goal long before I turn 50!! That means that I have about 360 days to lose about 40 more pounds and get toned and “in shape”!! I know that I can do this, because I lost 40 pounds last year in just 5 months. It’s just a matter of staying on target and doing what I know to do every day.  Now is that time. Over the next 12 months, throughout this year I am going to set my goal to lose the remaining 40 pounds that I want to lose. It will be easy, if I take it one day at a time, one meal at a time and focus on the goal!

How are you doing with your goals? Was the week good to you? Do you need a reset? Are you being real with yourself and with others? We are in this journey together so let us know how we can help and I may be getting some tips from you, too!



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