Wednesday Check-In & Mini-Challenge


Happy Wednesday, Shrinkers! If you’re new to the Sisterhood, every Wednesday we have a check in post. This helps all of us, stop and take account of our week so far. Make changes to the things we’re doing or not doing.

First things first, go hop on that scale and see where you are.  If you blog, post the link in our comments or leave a comment below.  We’ll give you high five or help get you back on the right track.

Mini-Challenge for this week is our brand new July’s 31-Day Squat Challenge! It only takes a few minutes. And when those glutes and legs are toned, you’ll thanks us!  Are you up for it? We don’t have to triple dog dare you, do we? Come on you know you want to! Join our Squat Challenge event on FB!

Don’t forget about our Sisterhood Shots: July Photo-A-Day! Use our daily photo prompts to document your weightloss/fitness journey!

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Until next week, rock on, Shrinkers!

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