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So it’s Wednesday and the title of this post is *Check In*, not weigh in.  Now, you certainly may weigh in and tell us how it’s going for you or if you are like me, you don’t want to weigh in (for whatever reason and believe me, there are a myriad of reasons), but go ahead and tell us how you are doing.

I will go first.I am doing OK……not great…..but not terrible either.

I am struggling with time management, or maybe I should say lack of time.  It feels like every minute of every day is filled with something and I still can’t get the *elusive* everything done.  I am constantly going at warp speed and my brain jumps from thing to do to thing to do.  I am fairly positive my husband has no idea how fast my brain moves and how many different things I am juggling at one time.  What is suffering is my fitness routine.  I am still running a few times a week but everything else has fallen to the wayside.  While part of it the lack of time, the other part is that I am feeling a little drift-less.  Marathon training doesn’t start for another month.

This sounds more like a True Confessions post than a Check-In post, huh?  But it is where I am currently and that is how life rolls at times.

On the plus side, I am immensely enjoying my extra time with the kids- they are so much fun- and I am not looking forward to the return of the school schedule.  We have an awesome vacation coming up soon (Colorado, baby!!!) and I have acclimated to running in the heat (first time ever in my running career).

This coming week, I am going to challenge myself to manage my time better and I challenge you, too.  Let’s just call this the Time Management Challenge.  What is on your to-do list week after week?  JUST DO IT.  Do you let social media suck up too much of your precious time?  Turn off the computer and put down the phone (guilty as charged).  Do you make lists in your head and then forget about all that you need to do?  WRITE IT DOWN.

C’mon, let’s conquer this thing called time and get what we need to get….DONE.

Also, tell me how you are doing- check in or weigh in.

Peace Out!

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