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I have many pre-marathon training thoughts running through my head as I embark on 6 months of training to begin this week.

I assume everyone knows how far a marathon is but just in case you don’t, it is 26.2 miles.  It is a major accomplishment for anyone to achieve and only 1% of the population ever does (or so I have heard. Don’t quote me on that statistic).

In a short 6 months, I will be completing my first marathon and will become a 1%er.

Yesterday was the first day of meeting with my new training group.  It was my first time to ever run with more than a few people, in an semi-organized setting.  I have to say it was a little intimidating when I turned into the parking lot of the meet-up location and I saw the tents and runners of all shapes and sizes in various warm-up poses, socializing with one another and waiting to begin.  Luckily, my girl Nora arrived a few minutes later and I didn’t feel so overwhelmed.  Safety in numbers, right?

We did a 2 mile timed run in oppressive heat to determine our pace group for training runs.  Sounds like fun, huh?

I liked having pace leaders encouraging us along the run.  It was nice to have someone motivating me (as it is usually me motivating others!).

My husband has also decided to run the Austin Marathon.  While this is my first marathon, it will be his fifth.  I am excited for him to be sharing this journey with me BUT with both of us about to embark on 6 months of training (and some very long runs), it provided us with quite the *lively* discussion when talking about the logistics of when we would do our long runs and kid care.  We are still working it out : ).  He is trying to coach me on the mental and physical aspects of running a marathon and how things change as you get into the higher mileages.

I bought a new pair of running shoes.  The same shoe I just retired, lol.

This will be my first official week of marathon training.  I only have 25 more weeks to go.  I am ready to get this party started!

Also, I am ready for the Summer heat to abate and for Fall weather to arrive.

Raise your hand if you are running a marathon within the next 6-8 months: which one?

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