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In a few days, I’ll embark on my 2nd 200 mile relay.  I ran the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail 200 Mile Relay last year and had a blast.  This year promises to be as much fun or more, but I’m stressing about one thing (ok, lots of things but this one thing in particular).  Last year I was a relay newb and I just went along with my team about what and when to eat, what to pack, etc.

The difference this year?  I’m trying to figure out relay fueling while eating paleo (or in my case, paleo-ish).  Heck, tons of ultrarunners follow a paleo lifestyle and they do great, so why is this so hard for little o’le me to figure out?  Honestly, I think it’s my lack of experience – both as a relay runner and paleo-ish eating runner.  I’m not super-strict but still avoid most grains (especially wheat unless it’s in the form of beer), legumes and most dairy.

So what’s a paleo-ish relay runner supposed to pack for her 36 hour adventure?  The team has been in talks of hitting up a Jimmy Johns and stashing away sandwiches, but since 2 of us (myself and 1 other runner) are gluten-free, this is problematic.  Although, JJ’s does do a lettuce wrap instead of bread on request, I just don’t know how well this would hold up in a cooler.

Here’s a list of some of my random thoughts.  Since none of my legs are longer than 8 miles, I really don’t need to fuel DURING a run so it’s keeping my energy up and eating before/after runs that I’m most concerned with.  Please feel free to comment if any of you have experienced a similar dilemma – relay fueling while eating paleo.

  • FRUIT – bananas, dried fruits (although I avoid these because of the sugar content), applesauce packets, grapes, peaches.
  • NUTS – I can pretty much live off of almonds.  Well, maybe not but it’s pretty close.
  • PROTEIN – hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, lunch meats, jerky.
  • CARBS – baby food sweet potatoes, Larabars, Health Warrior Chia Bars, paleo banana nut muffins.
  • CHOCOLATE MILK (because it’s in a category by itself) – definitely not paleo, but it’s one thing I’ve been relying on to refuel after runs and frankly, it just tastes really good.

Thoughts?  Anything that has worked for you that I might have missed?

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