Sisterhood Shots: September Photo-A-Day


Welcome to another edition of Sisterhood Shots!

I am not entirely sure how it came to be  September. I’m not ready for summer to be over, I’m not ready for my kids to go back to school, I’m not ready for fall! I can tell you what I am ready for……I’m ready to get Back to Basis, Back to ME!

We’ve dedicated the whole month of September to getting back to the basics of weight loss and fitness! Our photo-a-day challenge is based on the ABC’s and that’s about as basic as you can get!

If you’re not familiar with a photo challenge, don’t worry it’s really simple. Look at the word prompt for the day, decide how it relates to you and your weightloss/fitness journey, take a picture and share it with us, via social media. Use hash tag #sisterhoodshots #backtobasics

Be creative and most of all have fun!

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Sisterhood Shots: September Photo-A-Day

Brand new September workout calendar: 30-Day Buns & Guns Challenge! We have a special event set up on FB just for all of our Buns & Guns participants, make sure to join!

Looking to tone other body parts? We have a full library of free workout calendars for you to choose from.

Back to Basics Weigh-loss Challenge, starts September 3rd!

It’s time to get back on track, recommit to our goals, and get down to business so we can fit back into our jeans!

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