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I am about to start training for my first marathon and you guys get to come along on the ride with me.

Now, I am by no means a new runner, I have been running for 5 years now.  I have 8 half marathons under my belt but have yet to tackle the beast known as a marathon.  I run a comfortable pace for me, which might be considered slow to others, but I get the job done.  I run-walk and love it.  My husband accuses me of wearing more gadgets and accessories than any other runner out there and he might be right.  I like to listen to dance, hip hop and wiggity wiggity music when I run- that is an official term for music in my mind.  I sweat a lot and love to talk while I run until I reach that point where I can’t talk and run at the same time.

I will post from time to time about my progress, my thoughts….the good, the bad and the ugly.  Will you take this journey with me?

But first,  let’s bring everyone up to speed.  How do You Train for Your First Marathon?  Really, how do you?  Here are my simple thoughts on the topic.

1. Don’t freak out when you realize you willingly registered and PAID to run a race that consists of 26.2 miles.  You were not under duress and you had not lost your mind…..YET.  The Austin Marathon.  182 days, not that anyone is counting.  February 15, 2015 will be the big day.

2. Pick a training plan. Put long runs on your calender and coordinate with your husband the care of your three lovely children.

3.  Find a running buddy to suffer succumb drink the kool-aid enjoy the ride with you.  Wonder if she is as cray cray as you(that’s slang for CRAZY).

4.  Join a training group for the first time ever in your life.  Austin Fit is my group of choice.

5.  Decide to once and for all stop complaining about how old your running shoes (Brooks Launch) are -and buy new ones.  I am so in love with the color of these shoes and how they feel that I am very tempted to buy the exact same shoe.  Ignore how dusty and dirty they are in this photo  – they are beautiful!- and will be replaced within a week.

Anyone else training for their first marathon?  Or veterans, have any tips for a virgin marathon runner?

Official training starts in one weeks time.  Wish me luck and to remain injury-free!

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