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Happy Tuesday, my friends! It’s the True Confessions: Sugar edition on this last Tuesday of August!

I do believe that I’ve had this conversation before but I wanted to give a confession of my EXCESSIVE sugar consumption!! This summer has been a very odd mix of weather for north Texas and I have been sick with allergies a lot more than usual, which causes me to want to eat junky foods and drink soda. This past weekend I put on a t-shirt that I bought at the beginning of the summer and it was so tight I was disgusted, which also caused me to stop and think about the weight and bloat I have gained this summer!! I was so upset, but not entirely shocked as I knew my sugar consumption and weight has steadily increased this summer. I have been telling myself all summer, no more sugar. I’ve been telling myself all summer, just one more coke/just one more ice cream/just one more treat.

Then the next time something came up where I was hot, tired, stressed, grumpy, sick, (you fill in the blank) I would go get something full of sugar. It really has to end! 

Our family is about to hit our all time busiest season. I am in full gear training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day that is in mid November and my 10 year old son is now a candidate for black belt training for American Karate, which means training 5 days a week for 8 weeks!! All this is added to our already busy life of homeschooling and being self-employed and taking care of a home and pets and trying to squeeze in some cross-training, I think you get my point! Life is about to be very, very full at our house!!

So….This is my confession: I am going to go OFF SUGAR AGAIN!!! I am at the point where I don’t like the way my clothes fit. I don’t like the way my body feels. I don’t like how sluggish I am on my training walks. I don’t like feeling like I am bogged down with bloat every night when I go to bed.

I did this in April/May and I really liked the way I felt. I didn’t have the feeling of being so sluggish and blah. I lost weight and felt better about myself. I had control over my food and I was happy after the first few days of withdrawal. I’m doing this again, starting September 1st! Yes, it’s a holiday but if I don’t start on the first, I will never do it. I’m doing this to gain my health back. I’m doing this to gain my strength back. I’m doing this to gain my self-control back. I’m doing this because if I don’t I could have a more permanent health issue on my hands, that I don’t want to deal with.  My plan is to get back to eating more fresh fruits and veggies. Instead of drinking soda I am going to infuse water with fresh fruit and veggies so that I don’t miss the flavor of something else, and I’m also getting health benefits of the fruits and veggies.

I feel so much better just confessing this to you. I know the first few days will be tough but all I need to do is get a handle on things again. I want to be as healthy as possible when I am walking in beautiful San Diego, so that I can enjoy it thoroughly and this is just the first step in reaching that goal.

Do you want to do a sugar detox with me? I would love to have some company along for the ride for this sugar detox! Let me know if you want to tag along!

Do y’all have any things to confess today? I would love to hear your confessions!



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