Back to Basics Weight Loss Challenge Kick Off


Gooood morning, Shrinkers! Today is not just any ordinary Wednesday check-in. Today is the kick-off for our Back to Basics Weight Loss Challenge. Don’t you just love a fresh start? I sure do!

Christy’s post spells out all the details on what you need to know. Like it says in the name of this challenge, it’s all about going back to basics, people! After a little too much “summer” (too much laziness, too much cocktails and happy hours, too much letting my running mojo nearly vanish), I am ready to strip down to basics and get back to business.

The challenge starts TODAY and continues through Oct. 1. Nice and condensed. A concentrated, focused look at the basics needed to make our weight loss journeys successful.  This is a 4-week DietBet game, BUT you do not have to join in the DietBet to participate.  If you do join the DietBet game, you pay $25 when you submit your starting weight and then share in a pot of the moolah if you lose 4% of your body weight when the challenge ends on Oct. 1.  Winning money can be highly motivating!

If you want to participate in the challenge but don’t want to throw down some cashola, that’s OK too. Just follow along here as we check in each Wednesday.  Each week, we will have a mini-challenge focused on getting you back to basics.

This week’s mini-challenge is a three-parter, centering on the mind, body and soul.

Mind: Keep a journal of your foods and your moods. We have read many times over how those who keep track of their daily food intake are more successful at weight loss than those who do not, but equally important is keeping track of your moods. Are you turning to food when you are hungry and need nourishment? Or are you turning to food when you are mad, upset, frustrated, lonely, sad, overjoyed or depressed? Seven days of paying attention to this can be a true eye-opener. Give it a try.

Body: Getting into a habit of drinking water throughout the day is one way of getting back to basics. Shoot for at least 64 oz daily.

Soul: Along the lines of what I mentioned above when talking about moods, how often do we let poor self-esteem trigger a trip to the fridge? Each day this week, tell yourself one positive affirmation in the morning and one positive accomplishment before you go to bed. These don’t have to be huge revelations. Keep it simple. For example in the a.m. “I am in charge of my well-being and I desire to make healthy choices throughout my day.” An example in the p.m. might be “Hit my 64 oz goal of water today.” Or “Pitched in for a co-worker.” Paying attention to your accomplishments, even when they seem small and hard for YOU to recognize, goes a long way in building self-esteem. The better you feel ABOUT you, the better you will be TO you!

Don’t forget we also have a brand new monthly workout calendar for you!  It’s the 30-Day Buns & Guns Challenge and guess what? It does not matter that it is already Sept. 3. START TODAY! We have a printable version for you. We have video demos for you. What more could you possible need?! I love taking a big ol’ red Sharpie and drawing an X through every day that I’ve completed. Find what motivates you to keep track and get that calendar hung up where you can see it! We even have our very own Facebook Buns & Guns Challenge participation group where you can come and share your progress.

Also, it’s not too late to join in on the September edition of Sisterhood Shots: Photo-A-Day. Even  that is focused on back-to-basics. It’s a fun way to participate in the Sisterhood community! Phew! That’s a lot of info to digest. Are you ready to kick off an amazing four weeks? Ready to see what you KNOW you are capable of? I sure am! Go weigh in if you haven’t done so yet this morning. Jot down that number and kiss it goodbye! Here’s to our grand success!!

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