Back to Basics Weight Loss Challenge


Good morning Shrinkers!

How did your week go?  Are you shrinking away?  Maybe not yet since it is only week 2 but soon enough, you could be.  I love the concept of this challenge- just doing what works and keeping it simple.  Notice I didn’t say *easy* because as we all know, if it was easy, everyone would be able to lose weight whenever they wanted to.  It takes dedication, commitment and discipline……and US!  We are here for YOU all along the way.

The challenge started September 3rd and continues through Oct. 1. Short and sweet.  Fast and furious.  Down and dirty.  A concentrated, focused look at the basics needed to make our weight loss journeys successful.  This is a 4-week DietBet game and we are midway through the month. You do not have to be a part of DietBet in order to participate in this challenge and weigh-in (ha ha) with thoughts (or weight).

Personally, this has been a crazy week for me between work, marathon training, appointments, activities and LIFE.  I mean, I am always busy but this week has been even busier- how is that possible? Luckily, I get my workouts done first thing in the morning, otherwise it doesn’t get done.

But am I getting back to basics? Are you getting back to basics?  When I hear/read/see this phrase in relation to a weight loss journey/fitness/healthy, certain things come to mind:

  • Am I treating my MIND in a healthy manner?
  • How am I treating my BODY?
  • What does my SOUL need?

Am I eating in a healthy manner? Am I keeping my portions under control?  Am I eating my fruits and veggies every single day?  Do I drink enough water throughout the day?  Am I getting enough sleep?  Do I get in enough fitness activity? What am I doing to alleviate stress?

Some of these I am doing quite well (physical activity, hydration, alleviate stress).  If I am being honest, some of these I am not doing well at all (not enough sleep, not enough fruits and veggies, portion control).

I can do better and I will do better.

But you know we love to share awesome things with you guys, stuff like the kick-ass monthly fitness calender. This month the calendar focuses on our guns and buns and Lord knows my buns could certainly use some lightening and my guns some tightening!!!

There is also our Sisterhood Shots Photo-a-Day challenge- document your fitness journey! Check it out and start snapping pictures.

We also just got our final virtual race for the year set up!! Make sure you sign up to help you move your body and the body of your pooch this fall!

As you can see we have lots happening to help us live a healthy and fit lifestyle here at the ‘hood! Let us know in the comments how you are doing and what *back to basics* means for you.

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